Let’s get to it!

Here are a few of my sensory problems (might as well get them out in the open!)

  1. I hate light touch – all about deep pressure and weighted blankets for me!
  2. I can’t stand anything or anybody going near my neck – don’t ask me why I have literally no idea…
  3. I hate hate hate loud and noisy environments – I’m almost 21 and I’ve never stepped foot in a club.
  4. In restaurants I find it so noisy that I can’t tell if I’m full or not when I’m eating (messes with my senses).
  5. I’m not a great fan of strong scents like perfumes, soaps, etc. I stick to the same shampoo and washing detergent 24/7.
  6. I’ve only had my hair cut once at a hairdressers. It didn’t go well. So my mum trims my hair and it’s been the same style for years!
  7. I can’t wear flip flops. Even the word makes me cringe let alone putting something between your toes!!!!
  8. I hate new clothes and new shoes it takes me forever to get round to wearing new things as I don’t want to ruin them or get them dirty and I never know when to wear them. I love second hand charity shop clothes though (after being washed with my detergent of course).
  9. I’m a ridiculously picky eater. I don’t like the taste of meat and I don’t eat fish so I’m not doing great on finding my source of protein….
  10. And finally I hate sand. Drives me nuts. Even though I love the sea.

So what sensory problems do you cope with everyday? I’ve shared a few of mine above but I’m pretty sure my list is neverending in reality! I think we’ve all just got our own quirks 😉

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