The First Lie and Intro

Im actually 20, but 21 in 5 days time….

A bit of background on me: I have Sensory Processing Disorder, a nice bit of OCD, apparently severe Dyslexia and I generally feel my brain has been wired differently to the rest of the human kind. Bit of a statement rather than an intro but bear with me. I wanted to start a blog for these reasons:

  1. All sensory processing disorder blogs are U.S based
  2. All sensory processing blogs are based either around toddlers or young children

What happened to all those sensory kids who grew up but didnt grow out of their sensory problems? Thats why Im starting this blog. Im UK based and I want to make a difference. I want to encourage discussion – how do you cope with your sensory problems? Are you struggling through secondary school, uni, work, whatever? I want to actively encourage people to share their coping mechanisms with one another. I know one other person with sensory problems. Thats one other person in the entire world. Theres got to be more people out there?

You don’t have to have Sensory Processing Disorder (formly know as Sensory Integration Dysfunction) to comment and discuss on this blog. Even if you have sensory problems as a result of something else or have Autism, Aspergers, etc the more the merrier!

10 thoughts on “The First Lie and Intro

  1. What a wonderful blog! I wish I had known how to take such good care of myself at age 21. I spent a lot of time in the basement of my university library enjoying the quiet, in those long-ago days. Now I’m sending good thoughts (and a few social media shares!) for your blog to reach people who can use your ideas.

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    1. Thank you so much Cecily! That’s very kind of you to say – I do love libraries they are one of my favourite places to hide! Thank you for the social media shares that’s very sweet of you 🙂

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  2. I just stumbled across your blog & I’m so happy to read it! I am an OT working with kids with SPD, but also am an adult with SPD myself! Keep writing & sharing your experiences!!

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  3. Emily, this is an amazing read, I very much like all your helpful strategies that are practical and easy to integrate into day to day life. You are so insightful into Spd and this type of blog is desperately needed for teenagers and young adults,as you say there is loads written for young children. I now work at a specialist school and if ok I will definitely be sharing this information with the boys I work with and teachers. I hope university is going well. Keep writing and sharing, kind regards Pippa Chapman (occupational Therapist )

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    1. Hi Pippa! Hope you are well. Thank you so much – there’s hardly anything on the Internet for teens and adults living with SPD so I thought I’d give blogging a go! Of course it’s okay – feel free to share with whoever you like, I’m just aiming to help as many people as possible!


  4. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not sure if I have SPD but I have autistic spectrum disorder and leaning disabilities including dyslexia which I have coped with for more than 71 years here in the colonies. So if I have SPD I’ve likely had it from before your parents were born. I suffer from sensory overload which over the decades I’ve learned to better cope with but when I was younger I used to be terrified by sudden loud sounds and flashes of light. I still feel very uncomfortable in a thunderstorm but have gotten used to having flash pictures taken of me. Unexpected loud sounds like gun shots still make me jump though I jump with far less vigor than I used to. So if I have SPD it may get better as you grow older. Autism is also treated as a childhood disorder and I guess we are left to our devices once grown up. I have found no support groups around where I live.

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