Sensational Bookshelf

If you have SPD or sensory problems and, like me, want to know more about it and what has worked for others here are some ace books on the topic:

  1. ‘Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight’ by Sharon Heller. One of the first books I read and although based on children does feature a section on relationships which is quite helpful.
  2. ‘The Out-Of-Sync Child’ by Carol Kranowitz. Again obviously another book based on children but useful and in-depth case studies.
  3. ‘Answers to questions teachers ask about sensory integration’ by Carol Kranowitz. I’ve used this book throughout primary and secondary school to give to teachers who just didn’t understand my difficulties. It includes checklists that you can fill out so the book does the describing as soon as you give it to someone.
  4. ‘The Out-Of-Sync Child Has Fun’ again by Carol Kranowitz (clearly she knows her stuff!) this is a spin off to her other book but is full of awesome activities to satisfy the sensory person. Aimed at the 5 senses it targets fulfilling sensory needs.
  5. ‘Living Sensationally – Understanding your Senses’ย By Winnie Dunn. More of a grown up book about dealing with your senses.

All of the above books are available onย

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