DIY Sensory Box

DIY: Sensory Box! I have created my own sensory box (using a black shoebox) which I have crammed full of objects to help me when I’m having a sensory overload. So below is an explanation of all the objects in the photo:


  1. Round Spikey Hoop: Gives good sensory feedback can be squeezed and turned inside out repeatedly which is quite therapeutic.
  2.  OT Putty: I haven’t used this in a while but it was given to me when I was younger by my Occupational Therapist. I HATE playdoh so putty is the only alternative for me its particularly good for de-stressing.
  3. Stress Balls: I find these work best when in a coat pocket – good for if you are in a crowded or noisy place you can just squeeze on them in your pocket discreetly.
  4. Water Filled Chew Toy: Yes, its a baby toy. But its really effective in calming me down when I get home with a sensory overload.
  5. Rescue remedy pastilles: also come as a chewing gum which I’ve just found out (going to try them soon I think!) Find the pastilles here
  6. Odaban: I suffer from hyperhydrosis which literally just means excessive sweating (not cool) so I get particularly sweaty hands and feet when anxious. Odaban come in an antiperspirant spray, hand cream and foot powder and aims to stop excessive and unwanted sweatiness. Get it here:
  7. Random twist ball: Can be twisted inside and out changing from green to orange in colour. I find it therapeutic!
  8. Awesome iPhone Case: This is a normal iPhone case but on the back has an integrated maze which provides excellent distraction in busy or overwhelming situations. Get it here:
  9. Ankle weights: These are great for when my sensory problems are getting on top of me – they work a bit like a weighted blanket and are soothing. I wear them round the house.
  10. Random ruler: This doesn’t really work as a ruler but it folds up into a little stack and I find it a nice distraction.
  11. Twisty Blocks: Again a bit like the ruler its tactile and keeps my hands busy.
  12. Tic Tac Box: I love flipping the lids up and down on these things (try not to do it near friends or family they can find it particularly irritating as I found it…)
  13. Home made lap weighted blanket: My mum is awesome, she made this weighted blanket for my lap which I can use when sitting. It’s definitely much cheaper than buying from a retailer. My mum used metal washers threaded along the inside of the material to create the weights.
  14. Fibre optic light: You can pick these up super cheap and they are just amazing. I love using it before bed to light up my room.

4 thoughts on “DIY Sensory Box

  1. I have a sensory box for my kids. I like the idea of having one of my own because most of my meltdowns are due to sensory. I just wouldnt know when to use them…


  2. Great blog, and so informative!! Thanks for visiting our blog and liking “Seany’s story”….we changed the name of the blog/website to “Autism Friendly Zone”….please keep writing and sharing your story…it is just awesome!!

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