Switched Off


I hear this a lot:

  1. ‘She’s not really in the room’
  2. ‘She is away with the fairies’
  3. ‘She’s switched off’

That she happens to be me. And it might describe you as well? I tend to ‘switch off’ in busy or loud environments and I can be quite difficult to talk to. Many people I know/who know about me find this hard to understand. However for me it is almost like there’s a traffic jam in my head… and then I crash like a computer does that hasn’t been shut down properly. That’s my way of coping, to zone out and try and block out the noise.

I can’t think properly or straight when there are noises so if I’m trying to write, study, revise, think, etc I use these great noise cancelling headphones: http://www.edzkidz.co.uk/Kids_Ear_Defenders_Blue they are so noise cancelling that you can’t hear hardly anything its like being in your own bubble! I also take them to loud events like concerts and firework shows (all fireworks should be silent in my opinion!). I also wear earphones when I’m travelling on public transport because that makes me feel in my own little world and I can either play my own music from my phone or just put my earphones in and have no music playing anda slightly more quieter journey!

What coping methods do you use when it comes to loud or busy events? I’d be super interested to hear any so I can trial them too!

Image credit: special_needs_parents instagram account

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