So I’m in my second year at uni and have finished for the summer (already!) and I’m already starting to miss my uni routine. I have to have some form of routine in my life in order to cope properly. I like to know what I’m doing each day so there aren’t any surprises or unexpected events to freak me out.

I like to make timetables to structure what I’m doing with each day and I like to be productive during the holidays still revising for uni or brushing up my skills before I go back the next term. If I don’t feel I have achieved anything each day I can find my OCD and anxiety creeps up on me and I feel like a failure.

I’m not usually a very happy person in the holidays which nobody really understands apart from the close family. I need structure in my life in order to live and not overload myself. I also don’t like holidays away in hot places – even over 19 degrees becomes too much for me to cope with so I avoid family holidays abroad. I tend to stay in the UK as much as possible!

So here are some tips to help you cope with the holiday season:

  1. Timetable your life! Try and structure each day so you know what is coming and don’t feel as anxious.
  2. Hobbies: try and fill your time by distracting yourself. For example by doing physical activity and exercise or even craft activities like drawing, painting, etc. Do more of what you love!
  3. Meet up: try and meet up with friends and family you might enjoy yourself 😊
  4. Create to do lists: I’m forever doing this I love them! It helps to structure your time and make sure you get things done that you need to!
  5. Get outside: I’m going to try and do this more over the summer, there’s nothing better than walking or running out in the fresh air. And if your not into exercising even a picnic outside counts 😉

How do you cope with with holidays or unstructured time off? Any thoughts would be great 😊

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