OCD and Me


I find my OCD can be manageable and fade into the background of my life and mind one minute and the next it can be at the for-front of my mind and take over my life when I’m stressed.

My OCD things:

  1. I always wash my hands after patting my dog or any other dog. Even if its one pat.
  2. I count windows and read every detail of road signs when I’m out and about alone it calms me internally.
  3. I don’t like to wear new clothes or shoes straight away it worries me that I don’t need to wear them until I need to go out somewhere and look nice and also that they might get dirty or faded overtime.
  4. I always use the same shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and washing detergent. But I’m getting better using different soaps 🙂
  5. I find it very difficult if anyone else sits on my bed in my bedroom, friends, family,etc doesn’t matter who it really almost hurts my senses as its my only place that’s truly mine. I find it hard when people wear perfumes and aftershaves as it leaves a scent behind which bothers and irritates my nose. I tend to cover it with a blanket or change the duvet after people leave…
  6. I have to shower and/or bath when I come home from staying at another persons house even if it was only for a night. I find other people’s scents and washing detergents bother me so much and I don’t smell right or like me.
  7. I can’t stand my nails growing or them being long – I’m a bad nail biter especially when I’m nervous or anxious!
  8. If someone touches me on one arm or one leg, e.g to get my attention, I have to make them touch my other arm/leg otherwise it really bothers me, I like the feeling to be symmetrical on my body.
  9. I go through phases of needing to touch products in shops that I see with both my hands. At the moment I don’t need to do this but it comes and goes.
  10.  I have to eat blueberries in groups of 5 otherwise I can’t cope. Also my OCD forced me to make this list 10 points long rather than 9…

I know the OCD exists in my head. And when I have a sensory ‘moment’ ‘attack’ ‘meltdown’ or ‘overload’, whatever you want to call it, I realise that I’m not in control of my head. My tips for dealing with OCD are quite basic and straight forward. You’ve got to say to yourself that the OCD is in your head and that it doesn’t rule you. Nothing bad will happen as a result of you not listening to your OCD thoughts. If we think of it really basically OCD seems to be based on the idea of gaining order, routine and harmony within a persons life. It’s when it becomes obsessive that’s when it become unhealthy.

Anybody else suffer with OCD? How do you cope with it? Feel free to share any strategies you find useful 😀

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