Relationships and SPD

the-world-is-your-oysterFor a few years now I’ve been scouring the web and SPD books for information on SPD teenagers and adults and how they manage with relationships. There’s literally no information out there, apart from a few chapters in some SPD books but they never went into enough detail.

My top tips for managing with sensory problems in a relationships:

  1. Best friends – I found it much much easier being friends with my boyfriend before hand, it gives you more to talk about and you’ll already have a background on the person.
  2. Go slow – It wasn’t until we were going out that I explained I had SPD, etc. Take it slow there is no rush or pressure to explain your difficulties straight away, but it might help the other person understand your needs better.
  3. Be yourself – so so much easier said than done, I know, but I used to do my body brushing (see my sensory box blog post) and take rescue remedy before I went out with him for the day and that helped.
  4. Don’t think ahead – it will only overwhelm and worry you – just think about each day as it comes and getting to know the person better and enjoying yourself 🙂
  5. Suggest activities to do together – e.g We both like to go on dog walks, go on the swings in children’s playgrounds (I know I’m so cool), go out to quiet restaurants, watch films and TV, help out with family DIY, you don’t have to always go out on ‘dates’.

In the future I will be posting more on the topic of relationships so keep an eye out 😉

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