Cutlery Struggles


My knife and fork skills are atrocious. Yes I’m 21, but age doesn’t make knife and fork skills any better or easier. I eat the ‘wrong way round’ to everyone else, with my fork in my right hand and my knife in my left hand. I have real trouble cutting food. So much so that my boyfriend or friends end up cutting up my food for me sometimes just to make it easier!

It is embarrassing but I just can’t get the hang of using a knife – I use it to tear food away from itself and have never been able to cut smoothly through a piece of food. It’s almost like my hand muscles don’t have the strength or dexterity to manage cutlery.

I also prefer to eat most things with a fork. Im know famously in my family for liking and always choosing to eat ice cream with a fork! Anybody else struggle with knife and forks? How do you manage?

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