Managing Change

 I despise change. Any change in my life no matter how big or small freaks me out and messes with my mind. It can be a change to my routine or week that can throw me out of my rhythm. I find holidays hard to deal with. Currently the rest of my family are on holiday abroad. I however find this just too hard and upsetting to manage so I am staying with my boyfriend and his lovely family. They live 30 minutes away from my family home and where I work which is ideal. It’s like having. Holiday away from home but the distance is just right. I’ve drawn up a timetable with my boyfriend who is very understanding and we have planned what we are doing for 10 days. We know when each other has to work and it’s a really visual way of keeping me calm. I ❤️ routine! I know most people would jump at the chance to go abroad with their family and I really miss the fact I won’t be in my family photos or holiday memories but I’m just happier near home.

How do you feel when you are away from home? Any good coping strategies you have?

5 thoughts on “Managing Change

  1. I have the same problem. I usually go on the trip depending on how I feel. But it can throw off my bipolar. I also like to have a plan and a few of my friends just go by how they feel which can frustrate me. Being away is hard on me but part of me doesn’t want to miss out. Even a weekend away locally can stress me out. As far as coping while I’m away I try to remind myself that it’s not all about me. I make sure I stick to my med and eating schedule. I try to focus on the moment and the fun we are having.

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    1. Im exactly the same I like a plan to stick too and want to feel involved when I’m away even if I don’t like it otherwise I become isolated. Do you mind me asking what your eating routine is? Do you mean eating at a certain time each day? I’m always looking at finding other helpful coping mechanisms 😊

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      1. Sure….yes I make sure I eat breakfast lunch and dinner. I also carry snacks. i pay attention to the time so I am not letting too much time pass before I eat, otherwise I will get cranky and my sugar drops. I also will ask my friends what our plans are for eating that day, while we are eating breakfast. And I try to make sure I eat protein and not just junk.

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      2. Oh okay great – that’s really interesting to know. I also get really moody and irritable if I don’t eat during the day and I think it must be as a result of low blood sugar levels. I like the idea of carrying snacks with you and planning ahead with friends when to eat 😊

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  2. You know it’s weird, I used to hate change a lot, and I’d get so stuck in routines- and I never really accepted it about myself, I always found it a flaw to fight, I’d be so angry at myself for being stressed about change. So I spent a lot of my adult life rejecting the idea that I couldn’t accept change and I’d force change on myself by moving to different countries/cities all the time. It would be so stressful to deal with all the changes when I’d get to the new place, but I thought it would help me in the long run to experience different things.

    But now after doing that for awhile, I’ve gotten into the routine that I must move somewhere new within 6-12 months, that the idea of not having this change is very stressful. So I’ve actually forced myself have a routine where things must change, and I can’t handle changing back to the idea of not having the change- whew, it’s very complicated. Once I get to a new place though I often have a very strict daily routine down within a week or two… sorry this comment was way too convoluted!

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