Invisible Hero

IMG_0151If I’m honest SPD is an invisible disorder. The everyday person can’t spot it. I can hide it well… but it sneaks out every now and again in public and its hard to explain the reasons behind it. Even my own family who know me and my sensory quirks can still forget sometimes how e.g a new scent sprayed around the house will affect me. And that’s okay. Everyone has their own problems to deal with but sensory problems affect my everyday 24/7 365 days a year. Im actually currently sat at work writing this post at my desk – nobody in my workplace knows the struggles I have and its hard work to maintain that. Many people really don’t understand the hard work in keeping up appearances all the time and also how tiring explaining yourself to people can become.

However despite all I’ve said above I believe that every person with SPD, sensory problems, OCD, ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, etc (the list goes on) is wonderful. The fact is we are all invisible heroes fighting our own everyday battles inside ourselves, whether its big or small. I saw a CBT (cognitive behavioural therapist) once – she wasn’t helpful at all and actually made me feel worse about myself, but what I did find useful was writing down how I felt everyday in a journal/diary. Its interesting to keep track of meltdowns, my moods on certain days, my good and bad days really. It reminds you that yeah some days are rubbish BUT somedays you’ll achieve what you never thought you could do before, even if its being able to tolerate an environment like a party or a restaurant its a huge achievement and noting it down will remind you and hopefully make you smile each time you flick past the page.

You are actually wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Invisible Hero

  1. nice to meet you! i am 21 too! But i am not in UK, I live in Macau:)
    i found i got SPD—sensory modulation disorder in my 21. i cant found anyone else like me. It’s really hard to explain myself and let others know me. Although a few of friends who is so kind is pleased to listen my situation, it’s pity that they are really not ME at all! I feel i have no friend around me and lonely. Everyday, i struggled with my problems, i am so tired to deal with it…
    i am same as you that i have ever chat with a psychologist. But i dont feel any change too! Now, i dont know want i can do! 😦
    Again, It is glad to know you and find somewhere we are similar.

    P.S. my mother language is not English. If there is something you don’t know. Please let me know! (it’s helpful to improve my English. LOL)

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    1. Hi Carmen! Nice to meet you too! I have also found it very hard to find people like me so I thought I would start this blog and see if anyone responded! I understand how hard it is telling friends and explaining yourself all the time! It’s definitely tiring I agree. Have you seen my blog post on my DIY sensory box I made? You might find that useful as it helps me cope with my problems. Also your English is very good! If you like we can email each other? I email a couple of other people and we share experiences/tips!

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      1. i am so happy to email to you and share experiences with you!! But i don’t know i can share tips with others because i don’t even know i have used any strategies to deal with the problems.
        How do i tell you my email? post here or?
        Thank you so much.
        i am looking forward to chatting with you! 😀

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