Home, Sensory and Alone

I’m sat outside in the sun writing this post. My family are abroad. My boyfriend who was distracting me from missing my family is also now abroad. Overall it’s not going well.

I’m 21 but I’m not good at being home alone. Does anyone else hate being home alone? I always put on some low background noise whether it’s a radio or TV just to make it sound like there’s other people in the house. I try to busy myself too and distract my thoughts from thinking worst case scenarios and worrying. I might make a little plan/routine to follow with all the chores I need to do like clothes washing, shopping, etc with times next to them so I know what to do when.

I am spending two nights alone before my family arrive back in the UK. I’m sure I will survive I just wish I wasn’t such a worrier and that I wasn’t scared of being home alone. I’ve thought about inviting a friend over but gone back on the idea after thinking that it might be too much for me to handle.

Anyone have any top tips on coping alone by yourself? How would you structure your day if you were home alone? Any tips/experiences welcome!


2 thoughts on “Home, Sensory and Alone

  1. my situation is opposite with you. i love to be alone at home haha because i dont need to pay attention in others and just focus on myself! That make me feel relax!
    i think reading books is a great idea to deal with the problem. It can let you focus on the book’s worlds. You can imagine what you want and what make you feel relax! I always want to have long enough time to reading a book, but it is hard to get this because LIFE is so much things to deal with, like school works—as a collage student.
    hope that its helpful for you! 🙂

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    1. Hi Carmen! its super interesting that you are the opposite to me but i can totally understand where you are coming from. I do love reading and getting sucked into the world a book creates 🙂 yeah thats true I wish there was more quiet time for reading in life!!! I love to read before bed but maybe I will read as a form of distraction now too – thanks 😀


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