Keep calm and chew…


In my sensory DIY box (see my previous posts) I have a water filled babies chewy toy which I used to use for de-stressing and calming down. However this isn’t something you can exactly whip out your pocket and chew on in public as its a babies toy in the shape of a teddy! However Arks Brick Stick eliminates this problem. It’s wearable chewy jewellery which is subtle and can be worn or kept in your pocket. Check out their site here: (they have a range of designs!) I also was given an Ark grabber by my OT which I find super useful too for chewing on  (photo below)


One thought on “Keep calm and chew…

  1. thats interesting!
    i have never seen that before. i cant imagine the moment that using it.
    its so good that having an OT to give you advice! 🙂
    i cant find one but my professors in college are busy and dont have any experiences dealing with the adult SPD(i am also an OT student in year 3!! 😀 )
    sometimes, i think that my secondary problems(depress, anxiety, denying myself, etc) are more serious than the primary problem. (SPD) 😦

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