I LOVE baths. I sit and watch the water as it runs. I just love the sound of a bath running. To me it’s super calming and its restorative after a busy or sensory day. Baths make me happy and are almost therapeutic to me,

Every night as a child before I went to bed I would always ask my parents if either one of them was going to have a bath before bed – I’d keep my bedroom door open and listen to the bath running! I always look forward to running a bath, sometimes more than the actual bath!

There are some great YouTube clips of baths running (feel free to think I’m sad but I really am obsessed with baths!) and they are super chilled and relaxing to listen to…

Here are some of the ones I like:

4 thoughts on “Baths

  1. I might try and play these to my son, he loves water but we have real problems at bath time! He goes in the bath fine but absolutely hates having his hair washed! How are you with washing your hair? Xx

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    1. I used to be exactly the same I used to hate having my hair washed or brushed! I find deep pressure more tolerable and also I felt better when I was more in control – e.g rubbing the shampoo in myself (when I was a child) or brushing my hair with deep pressure – which I still do now! Xx

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      1. Thank you very much. Will see if he will try himself! It’s difficult as he is non verbal and has very little understanding. So he can’t communicate very well. He’s only just started using PEC cards for snacks etc. so hopefully they will help xx

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