Whirring Thoughts

 Last night it took me ages to get to sleep. My mind just wouldn’t turn off – there were repetitive lines of songs going round in my head, worries, thoughts, etc. I had really fidgety feet that wouldn’t keep still – I really wasn’t in sleep mode at all! I find this can happen a lot. I try not to keep checking the time as this make me worry about not sleeping…

My mum always used to say to me if you are awake with worries or anxieties to keep a notebook next to my bed and to write them down and come back to them in the morning. I also use this method for ideas I have in the night that I don’t want to forget!

I find my mind is always worrying about something – sometimes I can really feel that worry and overthink it and sometimes the feeling comes over me like a wave at sea – all of a sudden without warning. This is the same with my mood. I find I can go from being in a good mood to feeling emotional and crying within the space of a few minutes without reason which is quite hard to explain to others. This is especially hard when I was at secondary school and even now at uni – I can become overwhelmed so easily that I have to bottle up my feelings until I get home.

My top tips for sleeping well:

  1. Have a bath before bed (I do love baths a lot – see my previous post!)
  2. Rescue remedy do a great night time solution which I use before I go to bed if I am really stressed.
  3. I bought some lavender and lemon oil to smell to calm me down before bed – I found the lavender just too strong but the lemon one is such a fresh clean smell it’s great!
  4. Escape technology – easier said than done but I try and put my phone etc down relatively early to give myself a chance to get off to sleep.
  5. Try using the sleep cycle app or headspace meditation app (see my earlier posts) I use the sleep cycle app to listen to the ‘cabin’ sound effect of a fan whirring which I find calming, and the headspace app to listen to meditation sessions to distract me.

So what works for you best? How do you manage to sleep? Share in the comments below and lets all help each other!

9 thoughts on “Whirring Thoughts

  1. So I can’t really talk because I can literally fall asleep on command… But one thing that helped my family when my son was born and was a cd with waves crashing and white noise type sounds. Might help with anxiety too, the waves not the white noise haha

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  2. I have to have white noise, I’ve found certain types of fans to be best. I have to have super comfy clothes. And I do a sort of self meditation on really bad nights when the thoughts won’t shut off. I imagine the words “breathe in, breathe out” as I breathe accordingly. I push all other thoughts and sounds from my mind. That usually does the trick!

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    1. I find fans the best too! I totally get you when it comes to comfy clothes I’m going to do a post on clothing soon. Oh okay I might have to try that technique sounds like it distracts your mind and calms it’s down which would definitely be useful. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

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      1. Took me years to figure that trick out. Also, I forgot to add that I like sleep masks to block out light, but I find them to be uncomfortable, so I started using one of those warm knit headbands that you wear in the winter to keep your ears warm, you know what I mean? It’s soft and comfy, no weird seams or uncomfortable elastic! Once I started sleeping with all light blocked and quieting my mind with my self meditation, I went from taking hours to fall asleep every night to falling asleep sometimes in just 15 min!

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      2. Yes I’ve tried sleep masks too but like you say the elastic is always annoying or too tight and the fabric too scratchy on my face. I love the idea of using a knitted headband sounds more tolerable! Wow that’s amazing you got to sleep so much quicker as well! I find I can’t get to sleep unless it’s pitched black so I will definitely be trying this tip! Thanks again 🙂

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