Dress Up Make Up

Wearing make up is the social norm if your a girl these days. However I find this really difficult. I do not understand how girls can cake themselves in make up. I cannot stand the texture and personally don’t see a real need for it. I think looking natural is the way forward! I have learnt to tolerate mascara (not slathered on just a small amount) and I can wear concealer (spot coverage!) but people always still comment about how little make upon wear and how I would look so ‘pretty‘ with it on. I don’t want to look pretty. I want to be comfortable – especially as I’m not always comfortable in my own skin as it is!

I hate ‘dressing up’ I tend to feel self concious and exposed to everything in a dress. I like to cover up and find it hard to just wear a tshirt and have bare arms let alone tolerate a dress!

Tonight however I am going to a 1920’s themed fancy dress party. And I’m wearing high heels. For the first time. Ever. I’ve had to practice walking in them with my mum and sister saying I look ‘awkward‘ and ‘funny looking‘ I swear it’s like walking on stilts trying to get used to walking in heels…So tonight I will be wearing make up. A dress. High heels. A head band thingy. And going to a party. It will be loud. There will be live music. People will be greeting each other and touching me and I swear I never know how to kiss people on the cheek – one kiss or two?!?

What I don’t like about parties is the faffing before hand. Like my mum helping with my hair – which I appreciate but also loath at the same time. Tonight will be interesting and extremely overwhelming sensory-wise but I am going to give it a good go and try and enjoy myself as much as possible. I woke up this morning feeling like I was about to take an exam that’s how anxious and nervous I felt! I’m working today until 5pm ( I’m writing this at my desk) I’m hoping this is going to keep me distracted but I have nervous butterflies that don’t seem to want to go away, Ugh!

So how do you cope with loud events and parties? Any good survival tips?

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