Sensory Processing – Helpful Tips Part 1

This is a great post with helpful sensory tips and product suggestions to help regulate yourself and provide yourself with a sensory diet. I know it’s based at children but I’ve used some of these products and found them helpful 😊

0ne Word At A Time

1 in 66 children have autism (CDC 2014 data)

1 in 20 children have a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD Foundation, 2010)

1 in 6 children experience sensory symptoms strong enough to affect everyday life functions (Kathleen Morris, MS CCC-SLP 2014)

A quick Google search will provide you with everything you need to know (and more) about how our bodies process sensory information and what happens when such information is processed incorrectly.  Sensory Processing Disorders are treated with Sensory Integration Therapy (SI) performed by a specially trained Occupational Therapist.

I am not an OT and do not claim to be trained in providing SI.  I do, however, understand the concepts of sensory processing.  As a therapist, I need to be able to recognize these symptoms and provide accommodations and support.  Of the 28 children currently on my caseload, 23 have sensory processing issues.  I have a “tool box” of strategies that…

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Head thoughts

 My head my mind, whatever you want to call it, is driving me nuts at the moment. There’s a constant stream of controlling and quite depressive thoughts in my head. It’s not like a voice in my head or anything. I find it happens a lot in the summer or when I’m on holiday. It’s driving me mad and making me overly emotional for no real reason…I think it’s because I don’t have a structure or a routine on holiday and I almost crave knowing what I’m doing next. I’m on holiday with my family at the moment which is lovely because I’m with them all, but I’m finding these thoughts are affecting my mood and happiness. Ho-well I will see how the next week and a bit goes and when I’m back from holiday I’m seeing my doctor who I’m hoping will be understanding in my follow up appointment…

Encouraging Thunder Award

 I was nominated for this award a while back by the lovely Alex Könst (go check out her awesome blog here:

I’ve been kinda busy lately working extra shifts at work and doing some freelance design work for a client, so apologises for the lateness! 

These are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you 
  • Include the award’s logo
  • List the reasons you started blogging 
  • Nominated other blogs 

The reason I started blogging was because I was fed up. Every single resource online about SPD related to toddlers and young children. What happens though when they grow up? There are no real resources for SPD teens or adults and the few articles and sites I came across were all U.S based. I’d had enough of not being able to read about SPD in relation to my age and also not knowing any other SPD people really. So I started my blog to share my experiences, tips and to encourage other people to get talking on the topic. My blog has been featured on the SPD foundation website in their ‘adult alley’ section and I’ve been able to talk to other people whether they are my age, are SPD parents or carers, and just people who what to know more. I’m hoping my blog will continue for the foreseeable future! 

My nominations:

Will be interesting to see why you guys all started blogging! 😊

Washing Woes

I have always loved baths and showers but have found it difficult to tolerate washing myself. I almost feel like snoopy in this picture. Washing is a basic human need but everyone else seems to find it effortless and I don’t.

I have to use a flannel and exert deep pressure when I wash my arms and legs – I can’t stand light touch. I find wrapping a towel tight round me after getting out of a bath or shower helps.

I also only find myself feeling only totally 100% clean when I shower or bath at my own house. I just never feel totally clean if I’m staying at someone else’s house,bro holiday location,etc.

Do you or someone you know struggling with washing or personal hygiene? Any tips share below!

Love / Hate Blogger Challenge!

 Thank you so much to blogger Every Word You Say for the nomination! Check out their blog here: 

Here’s the rules…

Write down 10 things you love.

  1. My family. We have a lot going on in our lives and I know it’s hard for my parents to manage me and my younger siblings all the time but we are an awesome family. 
  2. My boyfriend. He is patient and understanding when I have a meltdown or I cry and can’t explain myself. He can get frustrated sometimes because of my SPD holding me back but he is thoughtful and so caring. Also we aphave so much banter, love the same things and are just generally hilarious together. Well at least we think so….. 😉
  3. My relatives. They have always been around and I wouldn’t be the same person without them. 
  4. My friends. They are awesome, they may not know about my SPD but they are always there for me, we have great fun, we love doing the same things and having a laugh 😊
  5. Graphic Design. It’s my passion and my calling in life. I just love it. I’m always noticing signs, logos, writing, etc wherever I go I’m just naturally drawn to design. Can’t wait to start my 3rd year of uni in September studying it!
  6. My dog. He is so so naughty. He is a beagle and is like a hoover, he will eat everything and anything. He is adorable and has such a cute face it’s hard to get mad at him…
  7. My bed. It’s high up and has a great view because it’s high up against a window ledge. Also I love sleeping 😆
  8. Clouds. I love watching them in the sky on a blue day all wispy and the way they move. Wish I could live on a cloud…
  9. Starry nights. I love watching stars at night or looking at the moon and knowing it’s the same moon everyone can see at some point in the world. It’s something everybody shares. I love watching for shooting stars and satellites – althoughi get cold quite easily and have to go in!
  10. Penny/skim/surf boarding. I love the sea it’s one of the favourite noises is waves at sea and water lapping. I enjoy skimming and surf boarding at the beach as well as penny boarding on flat surfaces.

Write down 10 things you hate. 

  1. People touching or going near my neck. Just no. I don’t like it so don’t do it! 😂
  2. Loud noises. I just can’t tolerate them. 
  3. New foods. I hate trying new things they freak me out! 
  4. Sand in my toes, socks or shoes. Eww.
  5. Having my hair trimmed. (See previous haircut post)
  6. Meeting new people. Just plain SCARY.
  7. Change. I hate new things,places,etc I feel all odd and emotional!
  8. Peoples perfume and aftershaves. Smells really bother me as they linger too much.
  9. V neck tops. Any top that’s low cut drives me mad.
  10. Flip flops. I can’t stand even looking at them yet alone wearing them! 

Thanks again for the nomination!

So my nominations are:


When I was about 15 I started to notice in class that I was squinting in order to see the whiteboard. I was only squinting slightly. Then it got much worse and I couldn’t see anything that was written on the whiteboard and on signage, etc. So as if braces weren’t enough at the age (and with my SPD) I had to also get use to wearing glasses.
Nightmare. Finding the right pair was a struggle. None of the frames seemed to suit my face. I tried the trendy pairs, women style, men’s style and then settled on a brown pair of rectangular glasses that matched my hair colour.

I went to collect them and found them fine to wear in the shop t as soon as I left the shop it was like walking with bubble vision. My eyes weren’t used to the strength of the glasses and they took a few days to re-adjust which was difficult and emotional.

I’ve been wearing the same glasses now for a few years (I’ve only changed glasses twice and they’ve always been the same style and colour) and when my prescription had to be changed instead of buying new glasses they changed my original lenses in my current pair.

I can’t see my toes when I look down that’s how fuzzy my vision is. I can see things like books and tablets as they are close up to me but anything further than an arm length away from me is fuzzy.

The thing is my glasses have slowly started to annoy and frustrate me. I think it’s because the rectangle style of lens isn’t giving me enough room to look through – it’s like looking through a narrow slit. I found it difficult to get used to moving my head to look at things instead of my eyes – it’s almost like my eyes have become lazy since wearing glasses they just sit and stare straight ahead and my head has to move to see things.

So I’m thinking about getting a new style of glasses with a bigger lenses…watch this space!

Do you wear glasses or know someone with SPD etc who does? How do they cope? Comment below 😊