Stimming can be a soothing behaviour to particular stress and is almost always a sign of autism. But it’s important to note that Stimming is also a part of most people’s behaviour patterns. If you’ve ever tapped your pencil, bitten your nails, twirled you hair or paced, you’ve stimmed. 😌

I go through phases of doing calming things like tapping, etc with my body. E.g I use to flick my cheek with my middle finger as it felt calming to me. I currently have just realised I’m going through another phase this time to do with my eyelashes. At night time I like to make them flick back and forth with on my pillow cover as they make a little clicks noise. I think this relates to ‘stimming’ which is usually associated with people on the autistic spectrum.

I also have a calming method which I use to do with my ears. At the top of my ears I kind of click the cartlidge back and forth which also makes a clicky noise which I find soothing. I also fiddle with my eyebrows and bite my lip and nails quite a lot. It’s only when I started writing this post that I actually realised all he little things I do to try and control myself.

Have you or do you ever Stim?

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