I HATE haircuts! With a passion. I think I’ve only ever had one maybe two haircuts in my entire life. And I’m 21 years of age…! Why would you go someone and let someone you don’t know touch your hair and head and neck? And you can’t control really what they do as they are behind you. I would never let anybody else wash my hair.

When my hair gets to long or I can’t manage brushing it my mum trims all the ends in a straight line. It’s not uncommon for me to have a sensory meltdown because of the change in the length in my hair afterwards. I find it hard to cope with haircuts. I didn’t even use to be able to brush my hair. I found it intolerable but now can manage by applying deep pressure when brushing my hair and brushing quickly and with force.

How do you cope with change, haircuts and brushing? Feel free to share any tips you have! 😊

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