Adults and Sensory Processing Disorder Resources

Thanks for featuring my blog! Some other great resources on this list too 😊


In my online quest for more information, I discovered adults writing about their own sensory processing issues and spreading awareness. There is an abundance of information on kids (often geared toward or written by parents), so it was great to find these.

A great article on Sensory Processing Disorder  (SPD for short) by Rachel Schneider.  I think it’s a great introduction in general, and perfect for sharing with friends, family, and loved ones.  The articles has great analogies and information.  This was also my first introduction to the term “neurotypical.”
Her blog:
Facebook page:  She also has a private Facebook group for Adult SPD support.

A woman with SPD shares insights and draws webcomics about her experience:

Sensory Sea-Turtle: A tumblr meme page for people with SPD.

Sharon Heller, who has written several books on the subject and also has resources on her page.

The blog and…

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