The Dark

I used to share a room with my sister until the age of about 12 (bunk beds). We then moved house which was SUPER difficult for me, I got my own room which was amazing but very hard to sleep in for the first few weeks as I had always had the safety of another person in the same room as me at night. I used to and sometimes still do check under my bed and in my cupboard for anything or anyone before I go to sleep.

The odd thing is I can’t go to sleep properly unless it’s pitch black in my room but then I worry when it’s pitch black because I can only hear things and not see them. I can’t deal with electronic lights being on or flashing as they are too bright and distracting when I go to sleep. I usually unplug them if I can or block them with a book, etc.

When the rest of my family were away last month I had to sleep in the house on my own. I put my car keys by my bedroom door so that if anyone came in it would make a loud noise and wake me up.  I use my sleep cycle app on my phone (see my previous post on the app) and use the ‘cabin sound effect’ which sounds like a whirring fan/generator which helps me get to sleep and tunes my ears into something else rather than list ring out for creaks and other noises in the night.

How do you deal with the dark? Any good coping mechanisms? Feel free to share them below 😊

One thought on “The Dark

  1. Bumbi has some very specific environment needs at bedtime which has made travel difficult. She has music playing all night – lullaby style stuff with no vocals. The room is dark – we even installed shutters on the window to keep light out during nap time. We use a green color night light. She doesn’t like blankets but puts pillows on top of herself during the night. All these components have helped her sleep through the night. Oh and we have a eucalyptus essential oil going all night.

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