Bedding and Clouds

I love the new IKEA advert where the woman falls through the sky and past clouds and onto various beds. I wish I could experience that sensation of falling through the sky whipping through clouds.

I do however have problems with bedding. I find it really difficult to use bedding straight out if the packet – e.g duvet and pillow sets. My mum has always washed them several times to soften them up so they aren’t so stiff and crispy but even then I still struggle to use them because they are new and different. I’m not very good at dealing with change however small it is.

Another problem I have with bedding is other people. E.g if someone else (doesn’t matter who, friend or family,etc) was to sit on my bed with strong deodorant or perfume/aftershave on it really irritates me. In fact it really irritates my nose that it affects my mood badly. So I try and cover my bed with a blanket or sheet that can be washed if I know I’ve invited a friend round and we are likely to hang around in my bedroom or work up there,etc.

But I do love sleeping…when I can get to sleep it’s really great. I know I’m 21 but I’m a typical teenager in the sense that I find it ridiculously difficult to get up in the morning and last week I slept for 12 hours on my day off. That’s not good is it?! I missed the entire morning of a day and still woke up feeling tired! Here’s hoping I will grow out of it….

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