5 Blueberries please…

I adore blueberries. They are literally my favourite fruit apart from apples which are my number 1. The thing is my OCD always kicks in whenever I try to eat them. It sounds absolutely ridiculous I realise but I have to eat them in fives. So I pick up five blueberries and eat them all at once and then pick up another five and so on. I get very angry if there is less than 5 left at the end of the box and I have to get someone else to finish them off for me.  I pick out the five I want with my eyes and have to pick those up to eat.
I don’t know why I do it. It’s almost like a method of controlling an aspect of my life and it’s comforting to me. Yeah I realise this post was very random but I’m sharing my life experiences and this is just one of the things that I do that’s a bit OCD and SPD.

2 thoughts on “5 Blueberries please…

  1. I used to be much more picky about the way I ate my food… then I had 4 kids, and slowly those habits disappeared and now I’m just grateful to sit down while I eat lol I know how comforting those little aspects of control used to be to me, though, so I wanted to say how completely I can empathize with this post!

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