When I was about 15 I started to notice in class that I was squinting in order to see the whiteboard. I was only squinting slightly. Then it got much worse and I couldn’t see anything that was written on the whiteboard and on signage, etc. So as if braces weren’t enough at the age (and with my SPD) I had to also get use to wearing glasses.
Nightmare. Finding the right pair was a struggle. None of the frames seemed to suit my face. I tried the trendy pairs, women style, men’s style and then settled on a brown pair of rectangular glasses that matched my hair colour.

I went to collect them and found them fine to wear in the shop t as soon as I left the shop it was like walking with bubble vision. My eyes weren’t used to the strength of the glasses and they took a few days to re-adjust which was difficult and emotional.

I’ve been wearing the same glasses now for a few years (I’ve only changed glasses twice and they’ve always been the same style and colour) and when my prescription had to be changed instead of buying new glasses they changed my original lenses in my current pair.

I can’t see my toes when I look down that’s how fuzzy my vision is. I can see things like books and tablets as they are close up to me but anything further than an arm length away from me is fuzzy.

The thing is my glasses have slowly started to annoy and frustrate me. I think it’s because the rectangle style of lens isn’t giving me enough room to look through – it’s like looking through a narrow slit. I found it difficult to get used to moving my head to look at things instead of my eyes – it’s almost like my eyes have become lazy since wearing glasses they just sit and stare straight ahead and my head has to move to see things.

So I’m thinking about getting a new style of glasses with a bigger lenses…watch this space!

Do you wear glasses or know someone with SPD etc who does? How do they cope? Comment below 😊

6 thoughts on “Glasses

  1. I don’t have SPD, but my glasses annoy me so much. They’re so distracting, people say you get used to them but I’ve had mine for years and I still hate being able to see the frames 😦 Good luck, hopefully you’ll find some that don’t bug you!

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    1. Ahh I’m so glad someone else finds them annoying too! Yeah I find being able to see the frame super annoying but then everyone says to try contact lenses – I’ve tried them once but they were a sensory nightmare and I couldn’t get them out! Haha I hope so too thanks for the comment!


  2. I don’t have SPD but I have horrible vision. I will get the corrective surgery when they have it available for my horrible eye sight. Glasses always fall off my face when I am chasing Bumbi around and as you know she is a sensory seeker so there is a lot of climbing, bouncing, and running so the glasses are hard to keep hold of. I usually wear contacts, but I don’t know if that is even an option for you.

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  3. I wear glasses too, but they don’t annoy me as much. And I started wearing mine when I was thirteen! I actually find glasses to be a very good suit of armor to hide my face. I’m actually quite embarrassed to show my face without glasses after being so used to wearing them.

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  4. I started wearing glasses at 10. My vision is very bad! I wore reusable soft contact lenses for about a year in high school (they were expensive) and then I started wearing the disposable kind that last a month or so from about 18-23 years old. I got annoyed at spending so much money on them and cleaning them and getting dry eyes, etc etc. I hate glasses, though. I hate that I have zero peripheral vision! I run into people and things a lot. I hate that they get dirty and smudged all the time. I hate that they get bent and then sit crookedly. I hate that I’m blind when I’m not wearing them. Actually, I’d sometimes prefer the blindness over the other issues lol

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