Love / Hate Blogger Challenge!

 Thank you so much to blogger Every Word You Say for the nomination! Check out their blog here: 

Here’s the rules…

Write down 10 things you love.

  1. My family. We have a lot going on in our lives and I know it’s hard for my parents to manage me and my younger siblings all the time but we are an awesome family. 
  2. My boyfriend. He is patient and understanding when I have a meltdown or I cry and can’t explain myself. He can get frustrated sometimes because of my SPD holding me back but he is thoughtful and so caring. Also we aphave so much banter, love the same things and are just generally hilarious together. Well at least we think so….. 😉
  3. My relatives. They have always been around and I wouldn’t be the same person without them. 
  4. My friends. They are awesome, they may not know about my SPD but they are always there for me, we have great fun, we love doing the same things and having a laugh 😊
  5. Graphic Design. It’s my passion and my calling in life. I just love it. I’m always noticing signs, logos, writing, etc wherever I go I’m just naturally drawn to design. Can’t wait to start my 3rd year of uni in September studying it!
  6. My dog. He is so so naughty. He is a beagle and is like a hoover, he will eat everything and anything. He is adorable and has such a cute face it’s hard to get mad at him…
  7. My bed. It’s high up and has a great view because it’s high up against a window ledge. Also I love sleeping 😆
  8. Clouds. I love watching them in the sky on a blue day all wispy and the way they move. Wish I could live on a cloud…
  9. Starry nights. I love watching stars at night or looking at the moon and knowing it’s the same moon everyone can see at some point in the world. It’s something everybody shares. I love watching for shooting stars and satellites – althoughi get cold quite easily and have to go in!
  10. Penny/skim/surf boarding. I love the sea it’s one of the favourite noises is waves at sea and water lapping. I enjoy skimming and surf boarding at the beach as well as penny boarding on flat surfaces.

Write down 10 things you hate. 

  1. People touching or going near my neck. Just no. I don’t like it so don’t do it! 😂
  2. Loud noises. I just can’t tolerate them. 
  3. New foods. I hate trying new things they freak me out! 
  4. Sand in my toes, socks or shoes. Eww.
  5. Having my hair trimmed. (See previous haircut post)
  6. Meeting new people. Just plain SCARY.
  7. Change. I hate new things,places,etc I feel all odd and emotional!
  8. Peoples perfume and aftershaves. Smells really bother me as they linger too much.
  9. V neck tops. Any top that’s low cut drives me mad.
  10. Flip flops. I can’t stand even looking at them yet alone wearing them! 

Thanks again for the nomination!

So my nominations are:

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