Washing Woes

I have always loved baths and showers but have found it difficult to tolerate washing myself. I almost feel like snoopy in this picture. Washing is a basic human need but everyone else seems to find it effortless and I don’t.

I have to use a flannel and exert deep pressure when I wash my arms and legs – I can’t stand light touch. I find wrapping a towel tight round me after getting out of a bath or shower helps.

I also only find myself feeling only totally 100% clean when I shower or bath at my own house. I just never feel totally clean if I’m staying at someone else’s house,bro holiday location,etc.

Do you or someone you know struggling with washing or personal hygiene? Any tips share below!

5 thoughts on “Washing Woes

  1. I do struggle with personal hygiene, not as bad as you do nor for all of the same reasons. But I dislike feeling wet, especially having wet hair, and I dislike the feeling of water pouring down on me. But I also dislike being dirty and having dirty hair, and it’s a lot easier to wash my hair in the shower than it is to run a bath. Plus, if I take a bath I still have to deal with my body being wet, especially when I get out of the bath. My current solution to all of this is to force myself to take a shower or a bath every day and just deal with it because in the end I’ll feel better clean than dirty. However, I can see where this would not be the best solution for everyone. Oh, and I also feel frightened of showering at someone else’s house. Not unclean, frightened!

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  2. I don’t like touching liquids of any kind which includes water (from the bath) and shampoo. I use to squirt some from the bottle onto my forearm and then rub it in my wet hair. It didn’t work too well. I’m getting better and do it right before getting out of the bath so I can dry off my hands. Still haven’t been able to get them wet or soapy to clean the body.

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