Encouraging Thunder Award

 I was nominated for this award a while back by the lovely Alex Könst (go check out her awesome blog here: https://aaaaleivkai.wordpress.com)

I’ve been kinda busy lately working extra shifts at work and doing some freelance design work for a client, so apologises for the lateness! 

These are the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you 
  • Include the award’s logo
  • List the reasons you started blogging 
  • Nominated other blogs 

The reason I started blogging was because I was fed up. Every single resource online about SPD related to toddlers and young children. What happens though when they grow up? There are no real resources for SPD teens or adults and the few articles and sites I came across were all U.S based. I’d had enough of not being able to read about SPD in relation to my age and also not knowing any other SPD people really. So I started my blog to share my experiences, tips and to encourage other people to get talking on the topic. My blog has been featured on the SPD foundation website in their ‘adult alley’ section and I’ve been able to talk to other people whether they are my age, are SPD parents or carers, and just people who what to know more. I’m hoping my blog will continue for the foreseeable future! 

My nominations: 






Will be interesting to see why you guys all started blogging! 😊

6 thoughts on “Encouraging Thunder Award

  1. Hey, thanks! I feel like I’m too new to this to do very much with the award, but I will say that I started blogging as a way of processing my parents’ unintentional but pervasive emotional abuse of me, and how it’s still screwing with my adult life.

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  2. Thanks for nominating me, sorry I took a while to actually get to this. I have also been working a lot and when I’m not working I try to catch up on some sleep.

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