SPD on TV???

Me and my family have been watching a great Netflix series called The Killing. You can google the synopsis but I don’t want to tell you too much about it in case you want to watch it and I spoil it for you! Anyway the main character is a homicide dectective who goes by the name of Linden. She’s a brave ginger-haired woman who is insanely clever. She works for Seattle Police Department but the funniest was when she was wore a bullet proof jacket the last episode I watched with SPD written in huge writing on the front! Check that for awareness 😊


Even if your mind is full…

I like this quote it kind of resonates with me. My mind is always full. The past week or two I haven’t been sleeping very well and I keep waking up every few hours with thoughts rushing through my head pointlessly. These thoughts numb my mind like I have no control over them.

As a result I thought I might start practicing meditating. It’s quite difficult but I can just about manage to have a clear head and listen to my surroundings. It’s quite calming as it teaches you to kind of live in the moment as well as feel it. Give it a go and let me know how you get on in the comments below! 😊

Adults have meltdowns too…

Adults have meltdowns. I have sensory meltdowns – less frequently than I used to which is good, but I still have them. I will become so overloaded by something like a loud noise or change in routine and that’s enough to set me and my emotions on edge. It’s hard to manage my emotions when this happens and there’s only so long I can bottle up how I feel before I need to cry. I always feel better after crying – even if it tires me out!

The last meltdown I had was on my family holiday in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago. I stay with my family and grandparents in their cottage there. I’ve holidayed there every year since I was born. But the change in routine threw me and the first week I found it quite hard to manage my emotions. I felt desperately down mood wise and upset for no real reason. I should be able to enjoy holidays but I really don’t. I find the unstructured time difficult so much so that I created a schedule for the 2nd week so I knew what we were all doing when.

Yeah I feel silly when I cry. No other 21 year old I know cries when their environment changes or has such heightened senses like I do. It’s tiring when your senses are on high alert 24/7. But I’m managing even if I do have blips like meltdowns every so often. I still try and challenge myself because I’d rather try something and have a meltdown and cry than not try it at all.

Check out this awesome article from an adult on the autistic spectrum and what a meltdown feels like for her:


Image by Thomas James: http://illustrationage.com/2012/11/09/global-melting-illustrated-by-thomas-james/

The Haircut League

I’m 21 and only let my mum trim my hair slightly every so often. I’ve had the same haircut all my life and have only been to the hairdressers once in my life. I sometimes still cry if my mum cuts too much off because my hair suddenly feels different and lighter – interesting read!

The Ginger Rants

You probably never knew a haircut can put you in a special league.

Haircuts started a young age for the Captain. From the beginning he has had thick, gorgeous locks that require an intense amount of maintenance. Now, I know there are a lot of people who come from the ‘just-leave-it’ doctrine of parenting – but I’m not of those people, so haircuts, to me, were a requirement.

At first, it wasn’t challenging at all. He was one of those adorable little humans, perched up on the big chair with a pretty lady chirping away in a sing-song voice about what a good boy he was. And let me tell ya – he was such a good boy. He basically went into a coma, sitting perfectly still with drool streaming down his face. Our assumption at the time was it felt good for him – you know, the way it…

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Write everything down

My mum always says to me when my anxiety is becoming too much to write a list of everything in my mind. Sometimes I write letters to my mum because I can’t say the things I need to to her face. My mum also says if I can’t get to sleep to write a list of everything that’s on my mind or bothering me and know that once it’s written down I won’t forget it and can deal with it with a fresh mind in the morning…


Write everything down

Ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to do?

A good place to start to resolve this issue is to write everything down. Quality note taking has been shown to increase recall capacity which would, by extension, reduce recall anxiety, increase mindfulness and task completion confidence.
The idea is that once all the important information is written somewhere, your brain knows that it can release on the obligation of remembering it thus freeing up cognitive capacity for other activities.

Furthermore, general writing exercises have shown to be linked with increased competence for critical thinking while expressive writing provides the writer with health benefits across the board.

So, don’t hesitate, get into the habit of

Writing everything down.

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I live to fall asleep

It takes me ages to get to sleep but I find it so hard to get up in the morning and can sleep for 12 hours on my days off without meaning to. I can definitely relate to this post – I use an app that plays a fan whirring noise next to me which helps me get to sleep.

...i am my own experience...

Sleep – when I was a teenager, I’d end up staying awake quite late into the night and sleeping in very late, especially during summer holidays because the lack of structure and regular activities made me feel very disengaged and I thought I might as well sleep.  At university, my erratic sleep pattern continued because there were always far more interesting things going on with my hall mates, so again I’d survive on only a few hours of sleep.  By the time I made it to grad school, I needed to have more discipline with my sleep routine, as my classes were more regularly timed and my work and internship patterns were more consistent.  In the US, Melatonin is available to buy without a prescription, and I started to take this and found it helped my sleeping pattern significantly.  I brought a bottle over with me when I moved here…

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