Mini Meltdown

I had a mini meltdown on Monday. I was out with my family walking the dog around a boating lake and it started to chuck it down with rain. My parents wanted coffees so we went into a cafe to the side of the lake.  It was heaving, cramped, deafeningly loud, hot, strong smelling and just generally overwhelming. My mum asked me what I wanted and I instantly didn’t want a drink or anything to eat – I just needed to get out of the environment fast.  I sat down outside and looked at my phone to try and distract myself but it didn’t work. I slumped over on the table and my dad told me off because it’s not something you should do in public apparently. I couldn’t control myself and I started crying. It was just all too much. The cafe attacked all of my senses (apart from taste) at once and it was a fight or flight situation. I took the second option 😉. I know I’m 21 and most normal people my age wouldn’t just burst into tears but I have SPD and that’s why I can’t cope – whether people understand it or not. Photo from:

17 thoughts on “Mini Meltdown

  1. I’m sorry that you expereinced this. I’m sure that you are exhausted. But I thank you for sharing it, reading about how it feels helps me to be more aware of what it is like for my son. Rest. Feel better and keep bing awesome!

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  2. I still do this hun, more often than I might like to admit, and I’m 43!! Just reading your comments about the cafe made my skin start itching and prickling… We do the best we can, just about anyway. Does your dad not understand at all?

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    1. Aww it’s nice to know I’m not alone when it comes to meltdowns! Yeah I hated having to write it to share on my blog reminded me of how horrible it was, but I wanted to share the experience. He does understand I just think he gets easily frustrated and forgets how much things affect me.

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  3. I’m sorry your dad doesn’t understand what happened. You can melt down anytime! Maybe talk to him when u are calm… Try to explain it, show him info… Keep blogging! People need to be aware and know ab SPD !!!!

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  4. Thanks for sharing. My daughter reacts very similarly to what you describe, but at 10 she isn’t as articulate as you so I don’t always understand so well as I’d like. I haven’t been diagnosed, but sometimes I feel I just need to get out in situations like that; I get stressed and grumpy. As I read about the cafe it made me feel uncomfortable too.

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    1. I was diagnosed when I was in primary school around 8 years old I had lots of symptoms that you see online and I was struggling to cope with normal everyday tasks like eating, washing, brushing my hair and teeth, etc.


  5. I didn’t like your post because I liked that this happened to you. I liked your post because I think that you are brave to have posted this. I hope you’re all right now, Emily 🙂 ❤

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  6. Reblogged this on We Called Him Lucky and commented:
    This is a reminder to all of us to respect others’ sensitivities!

    Thank you for sharing your experiences so we can better understand what our little ones go through!


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  7. Loving reading this post, not because you went through a meltdown… But because I have to watch my son have meltdowns fairly often, it’s horrible… But we get through it as best as we can.

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