Don’t touch me!

I hate, despise and loath light touch or people I don’t know really really well touching me.

Here’s an example. A relative will be talking and will touch me on my right arm. They know I don’t like it but they get caught up in the conversation and do it without thinking. Now I’ve learnt to be touched in instances like this when I’m talking with my boyfriend. That’s okay. But with anyone else it’s just not.

If someone touches me on one arm I usually have to touch myself on the other to replicate the feeling on both sides of my body symmetrically.
I am okay with my boyfriend touching me as I have built up trust with him but I still sometimes flinch if he touches me and I’m not looking or aware!

I’m about to start looking for anew weighted blanket as mine is old and not very nice. Weighted blankets have come a long way since I first got mine. They now come on washable fabrics which is super useful and come in bigger adult sizes. I used to sleep with mine every night on top of my duvet, the deep pressure really helped me when it came to calming down and I would wrap it round me sometimes if I needed the deep pressure after a meltdown or a light touch incident.

Anybody else hate light touch? How do you deal with it?

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6 thoughts on “Don’t touch me!

  1. As a first step, I speak up and let the person know “I find this uncomfortable.” If courteous requests to stop are repeatedly ignored, I avoid the person whenever possible. I don’t need people in my life who don’t respect how and when I prefer to be touched.

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  2. I’m working on setting my boundaries in terms of touch and making specific requests as needed. As I continue with sensory integration work, I find I’m making more choices on what I allow (and not just endure).

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  3. Light touch is killer!!!! It gives me the urge to scratch the offended area. I’ve also been known to violently remove the offender’s appendage! I’ve HAD to come to terms with it to some extent, because I’ve had 4 babies lol but when I’m especially tired or stressed, I simply cannot tolerate it!

    That said, deep breathing helps. But otherwise, I’ve adopted stances that pretty much scream “don’t touch me!” (Crossing my arms over my chest, things of that nature.)

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  4. I can’t handle it when people get close enough to touch. My personal bubble is waaay bigger then a lot of others. There are only a very select few that are allowed to touch me/be close enough to touch.

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  5. When I was at the height of my PTSD, I located some material for a library patron, and she got so excited she grabbed my arm. I basically had a meltdown right then and there, although I managed not to be outwardly obvious about it since I knew she was just excited. I try to pay attention to people’s body language about how close they want me.

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