Happy healthy apps…

So below are some of the apps I’m finding really useful at moment.

  1. Headspace: I’ve already done a review on this app (see my previous post)
  2. Pacifica: I have just downloaded this app but it’s already proving useful. It tracks your mood, gives you the opportunity to do a daily calming exercise (I’m hoping this will be useful after meltdowns possibly?) and also acts as a diary/journal to write your thoughts down. The app randomly sends a notification to your home screens at a different time daily so it can track your mood patterns. The app also gives you a daily motivational quote to live by.
  3. FitStar Yoga: Again, I’ve only just downloaded this app but it synchronises with my Fitbit in order to track my movement and exercise progress. It asks you at the start what yoga level you are (I’m such a beginner 😂) but I’m hoping this yoga will help my back (I’ve always had a rubbish back) and also my general fitness too. The app also prompts you every so often to remind you to take the time out of your day and do some yoga if you can.

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