Plans and schedules

Again another great post on how important schedules and routines are…


That’s how we’re making days work at the moment.  Our boy really, really hates change.  It’s not just change to the expected that is a problem, it can be just change to what’s happening right now… that can include switching from one task to another too.  This isn’t new – it was apparent from the day he was born 🙂

So, plans and schedules are how we get through the day.  At the moment we work on actual times, so at 10am for example, we do school work.  At midday we stop whatever we are doing to go outside – either for a walk or just on the trampoline.  Sticking to these times means that the change in activity is easier for him to do.  My aim is to be able to just say we are doing A, B and C this morning, which one will we do first?  And…

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