Day #335 – Results

I’m definitely going to check out this B-Calm system it sounds awesome! Or at least try the app with my own headphones 😊

366 Days of Autism

You. Guys.  (and Gals, of course – but it ruins how it reads)


Do you remember on Day # 275 when I gave readers an opportunity to win the b-Calm system? Well – I forwarded the names on and 10 lucky readers were selected to receive a free system.

Last week I heard back from one family.  Now  – I’m not about endorsing specific products, but I am about sharing when a product works for a family.  Read this note from his amazing mama…

Yes, we received it last week!  I’ve been meaning to email you about it-  we’ve been having to travel with our 4-year-old daughter who was just diagnosed with Selective Mutism for therapy appointments…it’s been a little nutty around here (more than usual ha!)

Anyway, yes….Kellen just LOVES his b-Calm!  We received it on a day when he was feeling very overwhelmed, anxious, and out-of-sorts.  The UPS driver…

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