If Disney Princesses Had SPD/ASD

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In all Disney movies, the “Disney princess” faces various, complicated obstacles. However, I cannot think of a single princess that has faced a real-life disability or disease. Then I thought, what if Disney Princesses had Sensory Processing Disorder? What if they were on the autistic spectrum?

The following is my prediction of what Disney princesses (and their stories) would be like if they had SPD/ASD.

(Also, for the first time ever, I did not draw any original illustrations for this post. Instead, I added my own bits to Disney pictures. I hope you enjoy it anyway).


Ok, I’m skipping right to the part in the story where Cinderella goes to the Ball. Logically, if Cinderella had sensory issues, this would never work. Sure she could give it a good effort, but in the end, a meltdown is likely to ensue. No sensory sensitive princess leaves untouched after a large…

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One thought on “If Disney Princesses Had SPD/ASD

  1. Loved this post – great writing! I have high functioning autism and as I sit writing this, having coped with my neighbours having a birthday party for their child today, along with bouncy castle under my window, music and lots of people all day right around my flat, I am currently wearing two sets of headphones – earphones playing Harry Potter stories and then ear defenders on top. Still too stressed to even lay down in bed.
    I liked your thought on Dory especially. She is a special little fish!

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