Restaurants: Coping Mechanisms

 I find busy restaurants hard to deal with for these reasons

  1. I zone out. I can’t hold a proper conversation because my ears are so tuned to everything that all the noises can be heard at once and it’s overwhelming and tiring to filter them out constantly.
  2. I can’t tell if I’m hungry or full. Sounds crazy I know but when I’m in a noisy environment for some reason I can’t feel if I’m hungry or full its almost like my body is being so overwhelmed by noise that it can’t communicate everything.
  3. It’s tiring. It makes me physically tired trying to ‘keep up appearances’ all the time in a noisy environment.

My top tip is to stick with small quiet pubs and cafes which is what me and my boyfriend do. I can hear him when he talks and find that although the environment is new and different that I will enjoy myself Marie if it’s quieter a si can think better and tell if I’m hungry!

Coping mechanisms I use in restaurants are:

  1. Figure out where the exits and toilets are. That way you can take a break somewhere quieter by yourself.
  2. Eat something you know. That way you are going completely out of your comfort zone and might enjoy what you eat because you are familiar with it.
  3. Try and choose a corner to sit in. I love sitting in a corner of s room because you can see the entire room from a corner and you don’t run the risk of anybody brushing past behind you.

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5 thoughts on “Restaurants: Coping Mechanisms

  1. I don’t have sensory processing disorder but I do have generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Your tips are what I do for myself. Sitting at a table instead of a booth makes me so nervous! My boyfriend and I chose restaurants I know because I feel better with routine. It helps me concentrate on my boyfriend instead of freaking out about the new environment.

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