Checking in: Running and plans.

Love this post very motivational! I really want to get into running but have to stick to cross trainers in the gym as I’ve had back surgery and can’t run outside for a year….boring!

My For Real Life

Hello, Wednesday. You got here pretty fast. I’m excited for the next few days (and nervous) so I don’t mind that we have already reached midweek.

I’m just checking in to say that,

  1. I went running, just like I planned. There is success in writing down your plans.
  2. I attended a nearby Bikram yoga class. I left as sweaty as you can possibly get, yet feeling pretty clean.
  3. Another run in on the plan today, and I can’t wait.

It hasn’t been an easy week. My one year old is teething (molars) and therefore constantly whining and constantly wanting to nurse. I can feel my body shutting down and yesterday afternoon I begged my four year old to take a nap so that I could too. Thankfully, it happened. AND thankfully, I wrote down my plans for the week or else I’d be a complete mess.

Instead, I’m just partially messy…

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2 thoughts on “Checking in: Running and plans.

  1. Thank you for reading and sharing! 🙂 sorry to hear about your surgery! I had bunion surgery on my feet when I was 19. Before then I was dancing everyday. It took awhile to recover but running became my new thing once I did. It has been the best for me physically and mentally. Surgeries are hard. I hope you recover soon!

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    1. No worries it was a really good post! It does suck having surgery but at least at young age the recovery is usually a bit quicker. It’s a shame because I can’t run for free outside have to pay a gym for the privileged! Thank you!

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