I live to fall asleep

It takes me ages to get to sleep but I find it so hard to get up in the morning and can sleep for 12 hours on my days off without meaning to. I can definitely relate to this post – I use an app that plays a fan whirring noise next to me which helps me get to sleep.

...i am my own experience...

Sleep – when I was a teenager, I’d end up staying awake quite late into the night and sleeping in very late, especially during summer holidays because the lack of structure and regular activities made me feel very disengaged and I thought I might as well sleep.  At university, my erratic sleep pattern continued because there were always far more interesting things going on with my hall mates, so again I’d survive on only a few hours of sleep.  By the time I made it to grad school, I needed to have more discipline with my sleep routine, as my classes were more regularly timed and my work and internship patterns were more consistent.  In the US, Melatonin is available to buy without a prescription, and I started to take this and found it helped my sleeping pattern significantly.  I brought a bottle over with me when I moved here…

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One thought on “I live to fall asleep

  1. Finding what helps you sleep is so important. My mindfulness meditation is supposed to be done sitting up, so that I won’t fall asleep! So when I’m too tired to sleep, or if I wake up in the night, I listen to the mindfulness audio. Usually I do fall asleep within the first two minutes or so.

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