Write everything down

My mum always says to me when my anxiety is becoming too much to write a list of everything in my mind. Sometimes I write letters to my mum because I can’t say the things I need to to her face. My mum also says if I can’t get to sleep to write a list of everything that’s on my mind or bothering me and know that once it’s written down I won’t forget it and can deal with it with a fresh mind in the morning…


Write everything down

Ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to do?

A good place to start to resolve this issue is to write everything down. Quality note taking has been shown to increase recall capacity which would, by extension, reduce recall anxiety, increase mindfulness and task completion confidence.
The idea is that once all the important information is written somewhere, your brain knows that it can release on the obligation of remembering it thus freeing up cognitive capacity for other activities.

Furthermore, general writing exercises have shown to be linked with increased competence for critical thinking while expressive writing provides the writer with health benefits across the board.

So, don’t hesitate, get into the habit of

Writing everything down.

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2 thoughts on “Write everything down

  1. You’re mom is a smart lady. My therapist told me the same thing. She said it’s like dumping everything out on paper so my brain is ready for sleep.

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