The Haircut League

I’m 21 and only let my mum trim my hair slightly every so often. I’ve had the same haircut all my life and have only been to the hairdressers once in my life. I sometimes still cry if my mum cuts too much off because my hair suddenly feels different and lighter – interesting read!

The Ginger Rants

You probably never knew a haircut can put you in a special league.

Haircuts started a young age for the Captain. From the beginning he has had thick, gorgeous locks that require an intense amount of maintenance. Now, I know there are a lot of people who come from the ‘just-leave-it’ doctrine of parenting – but I’m not of those people, so haircuts, to me, were a requirement.

At first, it wasn’t challenging at all. He was one of those adorable little humans, perched up on the big chair with a pretty lady chirping away in a sing-song voice about what a good boy he was. And let me tell ya – he was such a good boy. He basically went into a coma, sitting perfectly still with drool streaming down his face. Our assumption at the time was it felt good for him – you know, the way it…

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