If Disney Princesses Had SPD/ASD

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Eating Off Plastic

In all Disney movies, the “Disney princess” faces various, complicated obstacles. However, I cannot think of a single princess that has faced a real-life disability or disease. Then I thought, what if Disney Princesses had Sensory Processing Disorder? What if they were on the autistic spectrum?

The following is my prediction of what Disney princesses (and their stories) would be like if they had SPD/ASD.

(Also, for the first time ever, I did not draw any original illustrations for this post. Instead, I added my own bits to Disney pictures. I hope you enjoy it anyway).


Ok, I’m skipping right to the part in the story where Cinderella goes to the Ball. Logically, if Cinderella had sensory issues, this would never work. Sure she could give it a good effort, but in the end, a meltdown is likely to ensue. No sensory sensitive princess leaves untouched after a large…

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What the heck is a Sensory Processing Disorder?

Great post on what the heck sensory processing is all about…

Eating Off Plastic

What the heck is a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)? Also called Sensory Integration Disorder, or, as I call it, “My brain hurts from all the noises and lights and junk. I can’t function or anything, so I’m just gonna go to bed.”

I have found that nobody knows what SPD is, or just how deeply it can impact a person’s life. So darn it all! I’m making a post about it.

First, what the heck is sensory processing?

All of our senses are processed through our nervous system. That is, information is collected by our senses and sent to the brain where it is processed and sorted. Once this is done, your brain tells you how to respond to that information.

Second, what the heck is a sensory processing disorder?

The disorder part comes into play when the act of sensory processing goes haywire. The sensory information gathered…

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Thanks everyone for following my blog! Please keep sharing and passing it on to everyone and anybody you think it might help 😊 I’m in contact with a couple of autism charities who are also going to share my blog on their social media pages too – I just really want to raise awareness of sensory processing disorder and sensory issues that can be a result of other disorders/diagnoses. 

Day #335 – Results

I’m definitely going to check out this B-Calm system it sounds awesome! Or at least try the app with my own headphones 😊

366 Days of Autism

You. Guys.  (and Gals, of course – but it ruins how it reads)


Do you remember on Day # 275 when I gave readers an opportunity to win the b-Calm system? Well – I forwarded the names on and 10 lucky readers were selected to receive a free system.

Last week I heard back from one family.  Now  – I’m not about endorsing specific products, but I am about sharing when a product works for a family.  Read this note from his amazing mama…

Yes, we received it last week!  I’ve been meaning to email you about it-  we’ve been having to travel with our 4-year-old daughter who was just diagnosed with Selective Mutism for therapy appointments…it’s been a little nutty around here (more than usual ha!)

Anyway, yes….Kellen just LOVES his b-Calm!  We received it on a day when he was feeling very overwhelmed, anxious, and out-of-sorts.  The UPS driver…

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Restaurants: Coping Mechanisms

 I find busy restaurants hard to deal with for these reasons

  1. I zone out. I can’t hold a proper conversation because my ears are so tuned to everything that all the noises can be heard at once and it’s overwhelming and tiring to filter them out constantly.
  2. I can’t tell if I’m hungry or full. Sounds crazy I know but when I’m in a noisy environment for some reason I can’t feel if I’m hungry or full its almost like my body is being so overwhelmed by noise that it can’t communicate everything.
  3. It’s tiring. It makes me physically tired trying to ‘keep up appearances’ all the time in a noisy environment.

My top tip is to stick with small quiet pubs and cafes which is what me and my boyfriend do. I can hear him when he talks and find that although the environment is new and different that I will enjoy myself Marie if it’s quieter a si can think better and tell if I’m hungry!

Coping mechanisms I use in restaurants are:

  1. Figure out where the exits and toilets are. That way you can take a break somewhere quieter by yourself.
  2. Eat something you know. That way you are going completely out of your comfort zone and might enjoy what you eat because you are familiar with it.
  3. Try and choose a corner to sit in. I love sitting in a corner of s room because you can see the entire room from a corner and you don’t run the risk of anybody brushing past behind you.

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Plans and schedules

Again another great post on how important schedules and routines are…


That’s how we’re making days work at the moment.  Our boy really, really hates change.  It’s not just change to the expected that is a problem, it can be just change to what’s happening right now… that can include switching from one task to another too.  This isn’t new – it was apparent from the day he was born 🙂

So, plans and schedules are how we get through the day.  At the moment we work on actual times, so at 10am for example, we do school work.  At midday we stop whatever we are doing to go outside – either for a walk or just on the trampoline.  Sticking to these times means that the change in activity is easier for him to do.  My aim is to be able to just say we are doing A, B and C this morning, which one will we do first?  And…

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Say Hello!

I want to help as many people as I can by sharing my experiences and tips. Maybe you have SPD, autism, aspergers, sensory issues, OCD, anxiety, stress, etc or know someone who does? Feel free to drop me an email at colourisation@gmail.com or message me on kik, my username is 21andsensory. We can share stories,tips, etc! It would be great to be in contact with more people like me! 😊