Balancing my auditory sensitivity and love of music

I love this post! I’m exactly the same I hate loud noises and am easily freaked by sudden loud noises or loud music. I love the idea of being able to carry ear plugs with me just in case I’m definitely going to look at getting some of these!


Sense-wise, I would say that after touch, I am most sensitive to sound.  I startle – and sometimes jump – at loud noises,  despise firecrackers, and have a challenging time focusing in environments where there are multiple competing sounds.

I also love music, particularly live music.  My taste in music is fairly broad:  I enjoy singer-songwriters, Americana, folk, Celtic, other world music, rock, alternative, and even some heavy metal on occasion.

When I was 23-24, I regularly went to clubs and bars to hear live music.  I did some of this before smoking was banned indoors in Albuquerque, so I would often come home smelling of smoke and feeling like I’d been in proximity with too many people.  Granted, I may have ignored that feeling and made going more of a priority.  After a few months of this, the exhaustion caught up with me.
Now, I have a difficult time…

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