Weekend Meltdowns

Sometimes-Im-crazyFor some unknown reason this weekend I’ve gone down hill anxiety and meltdown-wise. I went to my friends party Saturday night and left early-ish. When I got home I felt awful mood wise and I just burst out crying in front of my parents. This then happened again the next morning when I couldn’t help but cry and yesterday morning it happened again too. I don’t know if the party just overwhelmed me too much, I guess I will never know.

I’m looking at buying a new weighted blanket because I’ve had mine for years now and have stopped using it as its gone a bit funny and I don’t know if it can be washed. They are so expensive but I think I really need one – last night I started using my current weighted blanket again but this time I put it in a single duvet cover which is working well for now.

I’m also going to start brushing again, I’ve gotten out of the habit of doing it, and when I look back at when I was doing it more regularly I remember it really improving my mood. The ‘stopping the nail biting’ isn’t going well as a result of the past few weeks and the most of summer to be honest. I just think summer lacks the structure I love.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Meltdowns

  1. Wow, I love this post. My 9 year old son has these same issues. He uses a weighted blanket. We can tell he sleeps so much better with it. We have washed it on the most gentle cycle with cold water and then let it air dry. It came out perfect. You might try it. We go through periods of brushing him, but sometimes don’t do it for a few days. We just don’t know if it helps. This post tells me we need to consistently do it every day in the morning and before bed. It might be helping more than we realize. It’s also great to hear you say you don’t know why you had a meltdown. We try to figure out what causes our son’s meltdowns so we can help him prevent them. We thought most of the time he couldn’t verbalize to us what he is feeling. But your comments here make me realize maybe he has no idea what caused his meltdown either, especially at 9 years old. He is very self aware for his age, but he just might not know most of the time. Reading your posts from someone with similar challenges as our son really helps me to better understand him.

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    1. Aww thanks! Yeah I definitely sleep a lot better with it too…ah brilliant! thanks so much for the top tip there I shall give washing it a go then 🙂 Yeah I do think the brushing helps even if I don’t realise it is subtly improving my mood. Its so hard to explain a meltdown to someone even if its my mum or boyfriend. I just can’t explain the feeling or why I can’t cope and I can only bottle up my tears for so long. I know how your son feels its so hard to verbalise how I feel!


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