Low Cost Alternatives to Sensory Rooms and Areas to Help Those with Sensory Disorders

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Bunny Smiles' Blog

We here at Bunny Smiles have some experience dealing with Sensory Disorders. Even people who don’t have full blown diagnoses concerning sensory input and processing issues can understand these things probably. We all know how hard it can be to get through a day with an annoying shirt tag stabbing us in the neck, or pinching shoes.

For people with sensory issues, most of the world can hit their sense like this. Imagine if each day at work you were meant to sit under a strobe light while you do your daily tasks. Maybe at night you’d like to sleep under a sand paper comforter? Likely not.

For many people with sensory disorders, the world can feel like that all day every day.

This makes sensory rooms and areas very important, especially to children who are liable to disrupt much of life in their frustration with their body’s inability to…

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