Bargain Ear Defenders!


I was shopping in TKMaxx a couple of weeks ago and spotted these in the DIY/Tool section. I naturally got excited about them! I had been sharing some ‘Kidz’ (see previous post on ear defenders earlier on in my blog) ear defenders with my brother but they were getting too small and were squeezing my glasses into my face at the sides!

Anyway these are awesome and block out sound so I can actually think! Especially useful for writing when it gets noisy at home or if I need to concentrate on a task. When I was interning in London at the start of summer (again see my previous internship post!) the main manager/founder of the company would come in in the morning and sit with ear defenders on all day long! Makes me feel a bit better that other people find them beneficial 🙂

Have you got ear defenders? Do you find them useful? Let me know in the comments below!

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