Ordering new glasses

  So I had an eye test last week which I needed to have as I haven’t had one in a while.  Both my eyes have changed prescription-wise but not dramatically. I’ve wanted a new pair of glasses for a while. At the moment I have metal ones which are brown and have a rectangular lenses. These current glasses I have had for a few years but recently they have been really annoying me as the lenses are quite small meaning when I look down at a book or something in my hands I look under the lens without meaning to which is therefore fuzzy and very annoying!

Anyway….so I saw a photo of a girl on my Instagram feed who had long hair like I do ( different colour to mine) but had these really nice looking glasses on. I got in contact with her and she told me what brand they were,etc. So after I had my eye tests I asked in Specsavers, Boots and Vision Express and none of them stocked them. So I started to look online. Now this is totally unlike me to order glasses online as it usually takes me a long time trying loads in and I usually just stick with the same old boring style as i can’t cope with the change or find any frame I like the look of. 

So anyway I ordered them online. I spoke to my mum about them and how worried I was about ordering them without even trying them but she said I deserved new glasses and that they looked like they would suit me. 

Changing my glasses is a big deal to me. They quite literally ‘frame’ my face which everyone can see. I’m very self conscious about them. It’s almost like my glasses are part of my identity as they help me physically see the world around me. They are part of me and I need to be able to put up with them on a daily basis.

What started this whole post  of is this: my mum just text me a photo of a parcel waiting for me at home and I know it’s my glasses. I’ve been waiting a week for them to come but now they’ve arrived I’m freaking out, I’m just awful with change. I want to embrace them but my SPD always seems to get the better of me and I get overloaded by the newness and different style of them. To be honest I usually cry when I have to have a different prescription for my eyes as it takes a while for my eyes to adjust and it feels like I have weird ‘bubble vision’ for a couple of days.

So I’m sat at my desk at work fretting currently. In less than 2 hours I will have to face those new glasses. And I don’t want to have a meltdown but I’m not sure if I can help it this time. I hope I like them….

2 thoughts on “Ordering new glasses

  1. I hope it went well! My son battles the same challenges. You help me so much to understand his perspective. He was prescribed glasses and just hasn’t been able to get used to them.

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