New glasses: Update


So I wore my new glasses in Friday for the whole day until 8pm. It was a slight nightmare. I had watery painful straining eyes he whole day and my vision was all weird and bubbly. I had liked the frames originally after seeing the photo on a bloggers Instagram feed. However when I put them on I wasn’t too sure. I had gone for bigger glasses – as in a bigger frame with bigger lenses. I went back to the opticians who said that because I had gone from smaller squarer flat lenses and a smaller frame to such a larger frame all of a sudden is why my vision was all weird and distorted all day long. I had an awful headache the entire afternoon and at 8pm I finally had to take them off and swap back to my old glasses.

New glasses: 1

Me: 0

The opticians also said my prescription was only a step up from my old glasses so I shouldn’t be having the problems with the glasses – apparently the prescription is too strong in my left eye 😦 So anyway I’m back to square one. I’m returning the glasses back and going to start again…

I found it difficult enough to cope with a new frame let alone a new (wrong) prescription!

3 thoughts on “New glasses: Update

  1. You wore the new glasses an entire day. That’s a success. Maybe when you go to the eye doctor and your prescription isn’t chaining, you could try different frames. That way you are only making 1 change (new frames) instead of 2 (new frames & new prescription). If the prescription wasn’t quite right, you did the right thing by stopping wearing them after a day. Either way, you were successful in trying them!

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    1. Thank you I kinda didn’t think of it like that I suppose it was a success that I wore them for that long! Yeah I’m definitely going to go and get my eyes retested…


  2. I’ve always had a couple days of adjustment to a new prescription, even if it was only the most minor of changes. Add in the completely different frames and I’d be taking them off, too!

    By the way, that comic is great! I’m constantly cleaning my glasses, smudges and spots drive me batty! What I really hate is when my shirt is the wrong sort of material for wiping and just smudges them more, ugh! I’ve been known to use the end of my husband’s or best friend’s shirt! Lol

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