Car Meltdowns


Recently (over the summer) I’ve been experiencing more sensory meltdowns. And that’s okay. I expect to have more of them over the summer because there is no structure or routine for me to follow. 

The problem is that I’ve been experiencing them when I have been driving. 

I feel like a sweeping feeling of sadness and overwhelming negative thoughts and emotions come over me and I can’t help but burst out crying. I always pull over when this happens and usually text my mum to let her know how I’m feeling (I have an iPhone and my family track me through the find my friends app when I’m driving sometimes). It’s a horrible feeling just sat in my little car crying to myself for no real apparent reason and it’s frustrating as it can ruin my mood and make my senses even more heightened and leave me feeling more fragile and emotional (hope this makes sense).

I wanted to share this experience 1) to make people aware that meltdowns aren’t  just things children or toddlers have. And that 2) it’s embarrassing as an adult to have one and doesn’t fit the norm for someone my age. It usually takes a while for me to calm down and drive on. I even had a meltdown once in a car on a driving lesson! 

The important thing is to keep calm and move on afterwards 🙂

Have you or anyone you know had a meltdown in a weird place? How did you cope?  Let me know in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Car Meltdowns

  1. Unfortunately, my mother didn’t allow me to feel my very big emotions and learn to sit with them until they passed, as you describe doing here. So I learned to stuff my emotions deep inside. So deep that I often cannot bring them to the surface even when I want to.

    So to me, you’re lucky. To Gabe such support and understanding. To be able to just be who you are. I wish I was like you!

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    1. It’s awful that you weren’t allowed to express how you felt and had to bottle up your feelings so much it must be so hard. Wow nobody has ever said they wanted to be like me so that means a lot 😊

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      1. I suspect that my mother actually has SPD as well, and was also taught to suppress her emotions. It is the silly old notion that children should be “seen and not heard”, and are more a piece of property than a thinking, feeling being.

        Your ability to recognize and work through your feelings, and then write about them here, is helping to bring awareness to a lot of people!

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