I get emotional…


Im awful when I watch films. Im an emotional person as it is but even if a film had a happy ending I will cry because I feel and believe that its quite sad. I don’t know why but I have floods of tears I just hate happy and sad endings. I want a film to have a happy ending but even when it does I will become really upset and it tends to ruin my evening and leave me with a headache. I’ve always been like this with films. I watched ‘Love Rosie’ last night with my parents and sister and ended up bawling my eyes out at the end despite the happy ending. I just felt the ending was sad even though it wasn’t at all…

Does anyone else get over emotional with films? I really should just stick to only watching comedies I think…:)

8 thoughts on “I get emotional…

  1. I am exactly the same! Even though it was a happy film I cried for 30 minutes after watching Rudolph the red nose reindeer when I was 12 and refuse to watch it any more because if that …

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  2. I get soo emotional in films, happy or sad or hilarious. They are made to make us feel something and some form of an emotion, even if it isn’t the feeling that’s being expressed onscreen! Called cathartic release I believe

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  3. My daughter is one of the most sensitive people I know and she finds films really traumatic too. She’s nearly 8 and happily donated her Frozen DVD to a friend after one watch; anything too happy or sad, she buries her head in the cushions and covers her ears, it leaves her exhausted… she has also stopped listening to a lot of music for the same reason, she just cannot take the emotion it brings out in her… that sometimes makes me sad. I am so happy and grateful that you blog about your experiences, it helps me help her to understand that she’s not alone xxxxxx

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