I follow an awesome blogger called Robyn who writes her own blog called ‘Phases of Robyn’ (http://www.phasesofrobyn.com). Although predominantly a fashion blog Robyn recently wrote a post on her struggles with anxiety and is encouraging others to join in the conversation with the tag #LetsTalkAnxiety.

So here is my take on the subject. I’ve really struggled with anxiety a lot in the past and have only recently over the past couple of years started to get slowly better. At secondary school I had counselling and would also regularly go at visit the schools SENCO (special needs dept) and sit and cry during break and lunchtimes as I was so overwhelmed with my SPD and huge levels of anxiety. I have had a long few months of CAMHS counselling (children and adolescent mental health service) NHS counselling and NHS CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) but both, in my case, made my anxiety much worse (however you must remember I have SPD in conjunction with this).  My anxiety was so bad I wouldn’t pick up my family home telephone. I would hate going out anywhere even if it was the local co-op. I hated meeting up with friends or doing anything spontaneous.

Im much better now. Working part-time at the weekends keeps me distracted and continues to help me be more social and outgoing. I’ve been on anti-depressant prescription medicine for a few years now which I think helped me at my worst and continues to help me today. Anxiety is something I always hid throughout my life and I suffered in silence – none of my friends knew my troubles, only my family and a handful of people at my school/therapists.

So lets talk about anxiety. Why should anyone have to hide it? I had to deal with awful anxiety that was crippling when it came to my social life and my sensory processing disorder only made it more complex. But I’m better than I was and even if I have bad days I’m managing. You aren’t alone – so lets talk! 🙂

7 thoughts on “#LetsTalkAnxiety

  1. I struggled with anxiety in high school. It was really bad. I was constantly on edge and it drove a lot of people away. Except for one. My best friend stuck through it with me. Even when I experienced my first panic attack. On the bright side, I haven’t had a panic attack in a few years and for the most part my anxiety is somewhat under control. 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for taking part lovely! I hope you feel better after writing this post and letting off some steam. Remember you are never alone with anxiety, and so many people suffer with it. I’m so glad you’re a bit better now, and have a part time job and all of that, that’s amazing!

    Would you be ok with me sharing the link to your blog post on my follow up post or would you rather me keep it anonymous? Let me know! 🙂

    Best wishes lovely!

    Robyn xo

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    1. No worries! Thanks for starting the hashtag and raising awareness 😊aww thanks it’s nice to hear that I’m not alone and that other people have the same problems as me – thanks! Yeah my anxiety is getting better but hopefully one day it won’t be something that gets in the way of things! Yes do please share the link that would be so lovely – if you just put my first name Emily that would be great 🙂


  3. I think it’s great that you have a par time job and get out there more se days. My Mum has anxiety so bad she fears answering the phone, using public transport (even getting a taxi on her own) and hasn’t worked or had any friends for 35 years. Her entire life revolves ‘having to look after’ me and my Dad. She saw a Dr once in the 80’s who prescribed her some speed based mess I’m guessing from the description of her side-effects and then gave up because ‘Drs don’t know what they are on about – non of them!’ I feel so sorry for her but don’t know how to help. Is there anything anyone says or does for you that helps during anxious times hon?

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  4. You’re so cool! I don’t suppose I havge read a single thing like this before.
    So nice to find another person with unique thoughts on this subject.
    Really.. many thanks for starting this up. This site is something that is neede on the internet, someone with some originality!


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