Forever forgetting…

So I’m on three different medications at the moment and I decided that enough was enough. I had to invest in a pill reminder app on my phone. I was constantly forgetting to take them at the different times of day and I needed something to prompt me daily so I didn’t forget. I downloaded ‘Pill Reminder’ from the Apple Store straight onto my iPhone. It’s a great little app and you can set a colour to each medicine which helps me to visually separate them from each other. You can even set a photo, number of days, time to take the medicine daily and have an alert sound to remind you too. I’ve been much more organised because of this app…although I forgot to take one of my medicines this morning by mistake as my reminder is set at 9am. So it reminded me when I got to work to take my medicine. Not so great…just don’t tell my mum 😉

Dyslexic at uni & work

Being dyslexic at uni:

This pretty much sums it up ^ I have a dyslexia tutor who I see usually weekly at uni to help with my written work such as essays, etc. However in class or in a lecture it’s more difficult. I always either use my dictaphone or iPhone to record a lecture or presentation as my mind is like a sieve – I have poor memory and information never seems to stick! I also find written handouts hard to understand – I have processing difficulties down to my SPD which means I sometimes don’t understand what a question is asking me to do. I re-read the question again and again (this happened a lot in exams in secondary school) and I couldn’t understand what the question wanted me to do. It helped to underline key words in the question so I could kind of try to answer it.

Being dyslexic at work:

I’m a receptionist. Which is fine apart from the fact that I cannot for the life of me pronounce customers names or surnames and I can’t write them down properly which is embarassing. I also find it hard to write down telephone numbers as people reel them off so quickly so I have to repeat the number back to them to check its right. I’m open at work about being dyslexic but colleagues still laugh at me or constantly correct me which wears me down a bit. Simple things like I muddle my p’s and q’s around as I think they look the same or I will forget which way round they go.

Any top tips for dyslexic people? Comment below ☺️

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I’m tired 😴

Does anyone else get tired really easily? Doesn’t matter if I get up at 7am or 11.30am Im still super tired and could easily go back to bed. Im just finishing one project at uni and about to start another one the week after next. Im also researching for my dissertation at the same time – this can be quite hard juggling two things at once but I try and prioritise what needs doing and when. Im finding writing to-do lists super helpful as they clear my mind and I can visually see what needs doing and when. I’ve been more easily overwhelmed sensory-wise at the moment and it only takes something small to stress me out which is difficult. Im finding noises difficult to deal with at the moment e.g loud conversations in class, loud sudden noises, loud music, sudden fireworks outside (made me jump the other day!).

I’ve recently been put on medication to help my hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) as I’ve been having night sweats for months and I’m always super sweaty during the day for no apparent reason…hoping it will kick in and help soon!

How’s everyone else managing through October? Don’t forget if you are in the UK the clocks go back tomorrow! (Sunday 25.10.15)

Such a Clutz!

So I work as a receptionist part-time every weekend. Nothing new there. However yesterday I managed to be a complete and utter CLUTZ. ) A colleague (who’s name I’ve covered up) dropped a key in front of me whilst I was carrying two coffees which for me somehow = A CALAMITY. Read about it below I’m sure you’ll chuckle 🙂 (The blue messages are me and the grey messages are my mum!)

Yeah I know I’m special….

It’s hard to cope…

I feel a little bit like this. I just want everyone else to be happy – I love making other people happy. I find it harder to feel happy and when I do it comes in short bursts. I’ve been overthinking things lately without meaning to its almost like my mind naturally goes into overdrive and I can’t calm it down.

I’m also feeling more overwhelmed sensory wise at the moment. Like noises, lights, smells, etc have been super irritating me to the point they affect my mood.

I get horrible episodes of feeling low and upset and feeling worthless and abnormal. But I know it will eventually pass it’s just draining to have SPD and anxiety. My family and friends get frustrated when I can’t explain how I am feeling especially if I am crying.

Im hoping these thoughts and feelings will eventually pass or improve. It’s just hard to cope in the meantime…

First Instincts…

I do love animals. They don’t judge you. For example my dog doesn’t judge me when I’m in a hyper mood and bouncing around or I’m talking to myself. He doesn’t tell me to shut up when I’m crying (although he does look at me oddly sometimes). He knows when I’m not myself and will come and sit next to me (mainly for pats) and I can approach my dog whenever, whatever and give him a quick hug and pat.

Now people…they are a different story altogether.

They judge and look at me instantly if I’m in a weird mood, if I cry and can’t help it, if I’m not myself and can’t function properly. I find people so hard to judge and I am so self conscious in front of anyone that I don’t know I go into panic mode. Also I have to constantly explain myself and my problems to every new person I meet when I can’t cope and they look at me oddly I have to explain. It’s a nightmare even telling the doctors I see about SPD nobody has ever heard of it. But animals don’t require an explain action from me. They are always there and loving and they are way wayyy more approachable and have such a care free and easy going attitude – hence why I found the image above so brilliant.

I know I have put been posting as much as I did over summer but I’m definitely going to keep blogging as regularly as possible. I’m in my third and final year at uni and the work load is just kicking in! 😉 I’m finding it a nightmare to concentrate in class at the moment as all 20 of us work in one studio and there are loads of conversations and clashing music going on 24/7. Wish I could wear my ear defenders in class like I do at home when I do my uni work. I’m not sure I could deal with the stares and questions though 😔